I can’t believe it’s time for one of my favourite blog posts once again! I enjoy writing them so much as it’s a great way for me to look back at what I’ve recently enjoyed to share with you guys for you to use in the next coming months. I can’t believe how long it’s been since my favourite season (Autumn) has been over but I definitely can’t wait for it to be Spring now that January is finally over! So without further ado here is my Winter Favourites 2017/2018.

  • Oral-B Genius 9000 Rose Gold Electric Toothbrush: I’ve always used a manual toothbrush so when I got an electric toothbrush for Christmas I was kinda scared to try it out. But, it has changed my life for the good. It’s rose gold (winner) and has bluetooth so you can connect it to the awesome Oral B app which times your brushing sessions and prompts you to floss, clean your tongue and mouthwash. It’s so awesome I honestly cannot recommend it enough.
  • The Last Jedi: It seems like ages ago I first got to see the superbly acclaimed The Last Jedi! It was such an awesome film and I totally fell in love with the porgs as much as I was expecting to. You can read my full review of the film here.
  • ‘This Orlando Life’ YouTube Channel: You’re probably bored of hearing me saying it now but in June (4 months today) I am moving to Walt Disney World to work for an entire year! So to pass the time of waiting I am watching as many YouTube videos about my favourite place on earth as I can. One channel I have recently discovered and binge-watched is ‘This Orlando Life’. It’s run by Oli and Spencer who live in Orlando and take you on their adventures with their friends around Disney World and Universal – their videos are always the highlight of my week. I’ll link their channel here.
  • Back to Ballet and Tap: October-December is always the busiest time of year for me and last year was even more so busy so I wasn’t able to attend my dance classes as often as I’d have liked to. But, it’s now the New Year and I’ve attended every ballet and tap class (but one when I had a virus) and I’m absolutely loving it more and more each week.
  • Mickey’s Memories: This year Mickey Mouse is celebrating his 90th birthday! So at The Disney Store we are releasing a Mickey Mouse plush, pin set and mug on the 18th of every month until December 2018 to celebrate many years of the Mouse! Of course, I caved on the first month (January) and had to get the pin set to have something to remember my time in the store when we celebrated the bosses birthday.
  • Coco: I have been so excited for this new Pixar movie to be out and a couple of weeks ago it finally graced our screens! I have been obsessed with the soundtrack since I saw the movie and I can’t wait to hopefully see it again! I’ll link my full review here.
  • Cat bag: I recently bought the cutest little bag from Primark that’s in the shape of a cats face and it’s quite possibly the best bag on earth. The one I bought is pictured (featured image) and I can’t find it online, but I’ve linked a similar one below.
  • Orange lipstick: I know it’s the wrong time of year completely for orange lipstick but recently I’ve been enjoying popping a little colour into my outfit by wearing orange toned lipstick. Maybe it’s just me secretly praying for Spring/Summer to come faster…
  • Pom pom scarf: I needed a new scarf for Norway and when I found out that scarves with pom poms on the end existed I knew I just had to have one…and luckily it’s really warm too. I’ve linked a similar one below.
  • Baker boy hat: I’ve been trying to decide what I think of this trend and after a few days being ill and the verge of online shopping at my fingertips I soon owned a baker boy hat. It’s cute and adds a flair to any outfit without much effort.
  • All the Bright Places: I’ve been wanting to read this one for ages and it’s been sat on my book shelf for quite a while now but me being me didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon like everyone else. But, now I’m just mad at myself for not reading it sooner because I genuinely feel like All the Bright Places is one of my favourite books of all time. I won’t go into too much detail other than you need to read this book right now.
  • Amazon Alexa: My family recently invested in an Amazon Alexa and at first I was unsure. But, after playing a couple of songs and dancing around the kitchen to the likes of the Backstreet Boys and Mcfly I knew she was the best investment they’d ever made.
  • Riverdale: I have nothing else to say other than Riverdale might just be one of my favourite series of all time…I am absolutely obsessed and have binge watched the entire first series and half of the second series in less than a week. If you get anything from this blog post…watch Riverdale…you won’t regret it.

What was your favourite new item this Winter? Let me know in the comments! I’ll link my Autumn Favourites here in case you missed them.


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